Anneke Savert • Academy for Contemporary Arts, Arnhem 1990 • fine art.
Fine Arts • photography and video, independent as well as commissioned.
Teaches at the Academy for Contemporary Arts, Artez in Arnhem.
Developes artprojects for children, youngsters and adults.
Lives and works in Arnhem and Amsterdam, NL.

Home: ~ 1 a place where one lives, esp. with ones family …
He looks forward to seeing the old ~ again, e.g. his birthplace.
A ~ from ~ - a place where one is as happy, as comfortable , etc as in one’s own ~.
Home sweet home, make oneself at home, home is where the heart is, there is no place like home.

The work is all about home, the place one is connected to, where you grew up and feel secure. Home as the sheltered place where you sleep and love. Losing a home is like losing your base, sometimes even losing your very being, your identity.
The work features home in various ways: private versus public in the series Laundry, a place to rest one's head during travel in the series Home (stay).

The strength and and the flexibility of people in extreme circumstances is a strong inspiration. This shows especially in the series Sweet Home and the installations Tracks and Traces and Lost. The work emphasizes the stamina of survivors, who, in spite of drastic experiences, show their will to live by taking their lives in their own hand.